Welcome - Maarifa College
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Welcome to Maarifa College Sahiwal

     Salient features

Lowest tuition fees among all private colleges in Sahiwal

Modern air-conditioned classrooms with high-end projectors & tablet devices

Facial & fingerprint attendance of students

In-house cafeteria & sports facilities

Separate campus for boys & girls

Faculty lead by doctors

Modern laboratories & outstanding library

Maarifa College Sahiwal will be no ordinary place of learning. It will be an exciting, unforgettable institution, which will be unlike any other colleges in Sahiwal. We have strived to create the best teaching faculty and environment, which will inspire our students and give them confidence to achieve the best possible results.

Maarifa College aims to achieve eminence through best all-round education for academic boys & girls with individualistic approach to teaching & learning. Maarifa pupils will learn from the best teaching faculty led by the founder of Maarifa College Sahiwal, Dr. Faisal Rana, who holds degrees from UK’s top universities including BSc degree from Imperial College London and a PhD degree from Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology, University of Oxford. With the best academic qualifications and years of teaching experience in London and Oxford, Dr. Faisal has setup a well-trained teaching staff comprising of Dr. Asher Rana and Dr. Kanzul Iman Rana, both holding MBBS degrees, and others to oversee the pre-medical, pre-engineering and MDCAT courses run at Maarifa College Sahiwal. Maarifa’s education philosophy encompasses in-depth knowledge of the syllabi through our bespoke teaching notes, thorough practice of the past-exam papers along with rigorous exam-style testing of students to guage their progress throughout the course. We firmly believe that comprehensive documentation and individualised attention to the student’s progress will inspire students with passion and excitement to work hard to attain best scores in exams.

Alongside our team of dedicated teaching staff, Maarifa College has excellent teaching premises equipped with high resolution projectors and tablet devices to modernise the current methods of teaching and learning, as is the case with leading schools, colleges and universities around the world. Our science labs contain all modern equipment’s for students to practically apply the knowledge learned during Biology, Chemistry and Physics lectures that we believe is crucial for educating Maarifa students. Besides excellent teaching facilities, we also have in-house cafeteria for students to socialise and buy healthy meals.

Maarifa College wants to build itself as a premier institution of education that matches the top schools/colleges in the world. We will continue improving educational facilities so that our pupils develop necessary skills to serve and lead global society long after they have left Maarifa College Sahiwal.