Medical & Dental College Entrance Exam (MDCAT) - Maarifa College
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Medical & Dental College Entrance Exam (MDCAT)

Maarifa College Sahiwal 

Medical and Dental College Entrance Exam (MDCAT) 

The Medical College Admissions’s Test (MCAT) has been renamed as Medical and Dental College Admissions Test (MDCAT). MDCAT is a standardised admission test administered by the University of Heath Sciences (UHS). The test has been mandatory for the candidates to gain entry into MBBS or BDS degree programs in all the private and public sector medical and dental college institutions in Pakistan.

Maarifa College Sahiwal’s MDCAT courses

  • Syllabus Course

    • Notes on all topics of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and English subjects. 
    • Practice MCQs on each topic.
    • Practice papers on each topic.
    • Full MDCAT Mock Exam Papers

  • Tests Course

    • Chapter-by-chapter tests
    • Two & four chapter tests
    • Half & Full Tests of MDCAT Syllabus
    • Comprehensive Mock Papers

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Why Maarifa’s MDCAT Syllabus & Tests Course ?

MDCAT specific notes

Maarifa College Sahiwal will provide printed notes to our students which contain detailed knowledge of the Biology, Chemistry, Physics and English topics contained within the MDCAT syllabus.

One-to-one coaching

Maarifa College Sahiwal provides one-to-one coaching of MDCAT students to helps student improve their skills in order to improve MDCAT score.

Comprehensive Test series

Maarifa college Sahiwal has prepared 1000's of MCQs which cover the MDCAT syllabus. Our test series include topic-by-topic tests, two-to 4-chapter tests and also practice papers covering the entire syllabus.

Practice of MDCAT past papers

Maarifa College Sahiwal provides last 10 years of past papers to its students and also go through all the questions to help students learn from their mistakes.

Mock exam papers

Maarifa College Sahiwal has prepared it's own mock exam papers which follow the MDCAT syllabus. Maarifa's MDCAT papers will prepare students throughly for the entrance exams.

Outstanding Faculty

Maarifa MDCAT courses are run by doctors. Dr. Faisal will lead the Physics section whereas Dr. Ashar Rana and Dr. Kanzul Iman Rana will lead the Biology & Chemistry section of the syllabus. Maarifa English notes are first of its kind in Sahiwal.