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Facilities at Maarifa College Sahiwal

Facilities at Maarifa College Sahiwal

Maarifa College Sahiwal | Cafeteria | Reception | Biometeric attendance | Other facilities

Maarifa College Sahiwal | Cafeteria | Reception | Biometeric attendance | Other facilities

Facilities at Maarifa College Sahiwal

Maarifa College Sahiwal has introduced state-of-the-art educational facilities in Sahiwal. Maarifa’s goal is to provided highest standard of education in the best environment for the pupils of Sahiwal. We continuously monitor the campus through our 32-HD CCTV cameras to provide safe learning environment for our students. This also helps to keep a check on the behavioural aspects of the students and ensures smooth functioning of the classes at Maarifa College Sahiwal.

Moreover, we have fire extinguishers around the campus to help deal with any untoward incident at our premises. Air conditioning and thermostatically controlled fans help to maintain near normal temperatures throughout the campus. Alongside, all our classrooms are equipped with high-end projectors coupled with writing pads to enhance the learning process of our students. The chairs of students have been specifically designed to ensure comfortability during their day-long presence at Maarifa College Sahiwal.  Our facilities also include clean water dispensers to provide safe purified drinking water for our students.

Maarifa College Sahiwal has excellent individual laboratories for science practicals. Our science laboratories (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) are equipped with all necessary scientific equipments such as microscopes, human skeletons, microscopic slides, pendulums, electricity apparatus, chemicals etc. We believe in the practical learning of our students building on the theoretical concepts learned during the lectures. All our students will carry out experiments during the the first and second year of FSC (pre-medical & pre-engineering) courses at Maarifa College Sahiwal. ICS students will have the opportunity to use our bespoke computer teaching lab equipped with 10 high-end computers. Our library hold in excess of 5000+ books for students to take help of during their studies.

We welcome students & parents to visit Maarifa College Sahiwal. This will provide a chance for the students/teachers to view our excellent facilities and make an informed decision about joining an intermediate college in Sahiwal.

You can visit Maarifa College Sahiwal at: 110-Satluj Block, Shadman Town Sahiwal.


Maarifa College Sahiwal | A project of BIOCHEM EDUCATION LONDON

110 Satluj Block Shadman Town Sahiwal


Contact: 0404507713 / 03324507713

Excellence in Education

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