Admissions - Maarifa College
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Admissions at Maarifa College Sahiwal

Meeting with the Director of Maarifa College

Parents along with the student are invited to hold a consultative meeting with the Director of Maarifa College Sahiwal. The students will discuss the exam results, future goals and also receive advice on the future career prospects.  This will be a chance for students to see for firsthand the facilities provided by Maarifa College Sahiwal and also for us to examine the students results, potential to succeed academically  in board exams as well as the character of an individual to uphold discipline at Maarifa College Sahiwal.


Students will fill in a registration & admission forms which  can be obtained from the admission department at Maarifa College Sahiwal. The completed forms are returned to the student relationship officer (SRO) leading the admissions team at Maarifa College Sahiwal along with all the necessary documents as laid out in the guidance booklet.

Submission of fee cards

Upon the submission of student registration and enrolment forms, Maarifa College will enter the details in our cloud-based school management software and generate fee cards with the first instalment payable by the due date. Upon payment of the tuition fees to Maarifa College’s bank account, the fee card needs to be returned to to the admission team within 2 working days.

Induction at Maarifa College Sahiwal

The students will be invited to college for induction where their fingerprints will be taken, college ID card would be issued and introduced to all facilities presented tin the college. The students will start their first day at Maarifa College sahiwal.